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Ghostwriting/Executive Writing Samples

Welcome to the ghostwriting portfolio. 

A majority of my clientele have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements, so where applicable, I have omitted their names. Thanks for stopping by!

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Keynote Speech

Tony T. Graham - VP of Sales 

DealerSocket (a division of Solera, Inc.)

Tony T. Graham gave this speech at the Automotive Recyclers Association Convention in 2021 in Texas. Read the full speech here.


Identity - NDA Protected

This project was a "passion project" for my former client, an NDA-protected CEO, about combating fear. With her permission, I am sharing this excerpt of the nearly two-hundred-page manuscript. 



This keynote speech is an example of the elements of storytelling used to craft a keynote speech highlighting a client's vision for their organization. 



My former client is a professional athlete (name withheld due to NDA) with aspirations for the speaking stage as a retiree from the court. This excerpt of his book will be the close of his keynote. Please note that the text is written in his voice and regional vernacular.  


The client, *Clare Rogers, came to me with a vison of building her personal brand and an online DEI community for POC, (People of Culture). This portfolio contains web copy excerpts created for her brand and the email welcome sequence for her community.

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