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Meet Write Way Consulting Founder
Lynnette René Doby

Lynnette René Doby, the owner and driving force behind Write Way Consulting, LLC., is an accomplished ghostwriter and consultant. With extensive experience in various industries, Lynnette brings a unique blend of insight, creativity, and storytelling prowess to her work.



She excels in transforming the diverse experiences of entrepreneurs, founders, high-level executives, and athletes into compelling narratives. Lynnette's passion for writing shines through in her ability to capture the essence of her client's stories, creating impactful and engaging content. Her expertise not only helps clients reach their audience effectively but also aids in building strong, memorable brands through the power of storytelling.

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  • What's the process like working with us?
    We start off with a complimentary consultation to learn more about you. Then in the meeting based on your needs we share with you our packages and prices.
  • What exactly is ghostwriting?
    Ghostwriting is when someone writes content, a book, or even a speech for someone else, but they don't put their own name on it. Instead, the person requesting the writing uses their name. In simpler terms, you have an idea for a book but you don't have the time, energy, or expertise to write it. We can do it for you. The person who does the writing is called a "ghostwriter" because they remain in the background without anybody knowing they wrote it!
  • Who does Write Way Consulting, LLC write for?
    We write for people who have interesting stories and want to share them in books or speeches. Entrepreneurs, Founders, C-suite executives, Thought leaders, Athletes, you know...Legends.
  • Is ghostwriting legal?
    Yes, ghostwriting is legal. It's a special agreement where the real writer is okay with not getting their name on the book, and the person who asked for the writing can use it as if they wrote it themselves. So, both people agree to this, in an agreement, and that makes it legal.
  • What is Write Way Consulting, LLC?
    Write Way Consulting, LLC. started with a vision of using storytelling and creativity to write for society's forgotten voices. We've since graduated to helping entrepreneurs create captivating books to reach their audience.
  • What is Write Way's work like?
    There is a portfolio of our writing on this website, check it out here. When it comes to the books we've written our clients sign NDA and we're not allowed to post their work publicly. We have been given permission to show select pieces and we're happy to share them at another time.
  • Does Write Way Consulting, LLC offer services for marketing content?
    We've partnered with a consultancy, whose expertise is getting you to the marketing channels to get your books in front of your ideal audience. Ask us for more details.
  • What types of writing services does Write Way Consulting, LLC offer?
    Ghostwriting, writing consulting/coaching, and speechwriting, focusing on memoirs, biographies, business books, spiritual, and wellness.

Let's Get to Work!

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*Project Fees are based on a case-by-case basis.

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