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 Welcome to Write Way Consulting 

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I'm Lynnette René Doby, and I'm the ghostwriting go to for high-performing individuals & brands.
Is that you? If so, let's chat. 


Check out Write Way Consulting's Services!


Content Editing & Enhancement

AI is taking off. Write Way Consulting, LLC., has the knowledge to edit your AI-generated content, and give it the human feel it needs to persuade, sell & convert. Let us put the humanity into your efficiently produced content.


Compelling copy can sell water to a whale. With over ten years of executive sales experience, B2B, consumer sales, and product sales, Write Way links your brand to your clients and increases your revenue stream—in that order!   

Web Copy

Ok, so folks don't have time to read a diatribe on your website. Write Way creates succinct, revenue-generating copy with persuasive and compelling call-to-actions. You need revenue, and clients need your services, let's match the two!  

Corporate Consulting

The black American population spent a shattering $1.6 trillion in 2021, and yet it's often overlooked in a company's marketing efforts. Does your marketing department need some external expertise to assist your team in communicating with this demographic? Write Way can help!


Ghostwriting is a Write Way Consulting specialty! We take your concept, give it form and life, write in "your" voice with our in-house strategy and get it ready for publication via Amazon KDP Publishing or an independent publisher. Specializing in memoirs, biographies & more, we even build your marketing strategy with a targeted campaign for your launch. We got you covered!

Executive Speechwriting

You're an executive—a verifiable thought leader in your industry, and you need a speech that illustrates you as such. So let Write Way Consulting construct an engaging speech rooted in intriguing storytelling and relatability.

WWC offers more than the services above! Book a consultation to learn more! 

Partial Client List

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"Lynnette is an amazing editor and note giver as a script consultant. She is a thorough reader with rapid turnaround. Her notes are concise and succinct. I was able to apply them as recommended and they greatly enhanced my script and pitch deck. I highly recommend Write Way Consulting services to all of my industry colleagues."

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"Lynnette is truly a Godsend in every sense of the word! Her skill, work ethic, and uplifting spirit not only make her excellent at helping unlock the language of her clients but make her a true joy to work with.

I initially hired Lynnette to help me craft an email and social media campaign for a digital product release. It became clear after just a few conversations that she was someone I’d want to be working with in as many ways as possible.

As a copywriter, she has a knack for understanding her client's voice and being able to unlock its clarity through her writing. She sees the best in people and helps to shine a spotlight on that in her words. As an editor, she is incredibly inspired, efficient, precise, and knows what it takes to help your work succeed and be understood.

I am so grateful to have Lynnette on my team. If you are looking to up-level the quality of your work, she is an invaluable resource. Highly highly recommend :)."

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"Working with Write Way Consulting helped me polish my script. Lynnette's unique and personable approach has given me the tools and confidence to present my work in the industry with the success that I could not attain before using her services. Since using Write Way Consulting, I was offered several industry professional opportunities with my pilot script. I am convinced that her ability to see the "diamond in the rough draft" and her years of knowledge and experience in the scriptwriting world were just what I needed to push my writing career to the next level. If you are looking for a scriptwriting consultant that will respect your artistic vision while giving a completely honest breakdown and  build-up of your script, Write Way Consulting is the way to go!"


Let Write Way Make Your Life Easier!

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