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Write Way Consulting Founder Lynnette Doby

Diverse professionals, other ghostwriters can write your book, but can they write in your voice?
I'm Lynnette René Doby, and my team and I are the ghostwriting go-to for high-performing diverse individuals & brands.
Is that you? If so, let's chat. 

What our clients say...

Why we do what we do...

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At Write Way Consulting, we deliver stories that captivate.

Stories of triumph

Stories of legacies.

Your stories.

Executives | Founders | Athletes

We Want To Tell Your Story!

Black woman working on a book for a client.


Ghostwriting is a Write Way Consulting specialty! We take your concept, give it form and life, write in "your" voice with our in-house strategy, and get it ready for publication. Specializing in non-fiction: business books, thought-leadership, memoirs, and biographies. We even build your marketing strategy with a targeted campaign for your launch. We got you covered!


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You've been working on your concept diligently, yet something is missing. You need an extra set of eyes on your work to take it to the next level. Our team at Write Way Consulting, LLC., can view what you have so far and take it to the next level. We help you reach your client with authenticity and power. 

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You're an executive—a verifiable thought leader in your industry, and you need a speech that illustrates you as such. So let us construct an engaging speech rooted in intriguing storytelling and relatability.

Who we've worked with...

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Write Way Consulting! From the consultation, I felt my needs for the project

were understood.

- E. Herbert-Davis

Tequoia Urbina Headshot

I highly recommend Write Way Consulting services to all of my industry colleagues.

Rocky Heron Headshot

Lynnette is truly a Godsend in every sense of the word! Her skill, work ethic, and uplifting spirit not only make her excellent at helping unlock the language of her clients but also make her a true joy to work with.

Lynnette and her team designed my website, wrote the copy on the website, and did my SEO. The analytics on my page via Google are amazing!
I highly recommend her!! She is courteous, competent, and professional.

- J. Gallop

Professional, and classy. I'd not only use her services again, I'd recommend her to others. 

- D. Morris

Juliet Romeo Headshot

Lynnette's unique and personable approach has given me the tools and confidence to present my work in the industry with the success that I could not attain before using her services. Write Way Consulting is the way to go!

- J. Romeo

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Let Write Way Tell Your Story!

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